Scuba Diving


Explore the wonders of the beautiful reefs surrounding Cozumel with a dive boat that does it right.

Experience diving done right with our pristine boats, quality rental gear, small groups, and flexible departure times. Achieve a minimum of 1-hour bottom time per dive, complemented by a 1-hour surface interval for optimal enjoyment. Our experienced Dive Instructors and Dive Masters, well-versed in Cozumel’s waters, ensure a safe and enjoyable dive, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro. Dive with confidence, and if you’re experienced, explore more advanced dives with us.


  • 1 Day of 2 tanks = 95 USD
    Per Person/Per Day
  • 3 Days of 2 tanks = 90 USD
    Per Person/Per Day
  • 4 or more Days of 2 tanks = 85 USD
    Per Person/Per Day

The dives above include 2 aluminum 80 sq. ft. tanks with air or nitrox (upon request), weights, purified bottled water, fruit, and guide.

  • Night Dive = $65
    Per Person/Per Day

Night dive includes 1 aluminum 80 sq. ft. tank with air or nitrox (upon request), weights, and a guide.

Our specialty: Private scuba trips for small groups. Please contact us for pricing.


BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, Dive computer: 10 usd a piece

  • Combo of 2 pieces: 15 USD
  • Combo of 3 pieces: 25 USD
  • Combo of 4 pieces: 33 USD


  • Mask: 3 USD
  • Fins: 3 USD
  • Mask & Fins Combo: 5 USD
  • Full Dive Outfit (includes all gear): 35 USD


For non-certified and first-timers, we prepare and guide you through a shallow instructional dive (<10 ft), which includes learning and performing three essential diving exercises. This will be followed by one or two dives lasting 60 minutes (<40 ft), always led by an instructor. Both dives take place on and next to the famous Cozumel reefs.

Most of our discover scuba courses start with an exhilarating boat dive.

  • 120 USD for 2 dives on the same day

If you prefer a beach entry, it’s still an exciting option for your first time!

  • 75 USD for 1 beach dive

EQUIPMENT INCLUDED. You can upgrade and become a PADI Scuba Diver or Open Water Diver with this fee.

O/W Referral Instructional Dives

  • Open Water Referral dives 1 and 2 = 130 USD
  • Open Water Referral dives 3 and 4 = 155 USD
  • Open Water Referral dives 1 to 4 = 260 USD

All equipment and certification fee are included Full o/w certification 3 to 4 days of training, 4 open water dives + all scuba gear, manual and dive tables, log book and certification fee are included.